Friday, 13 September 2013

Pictures of my week afternoon tea in totnes with mom.

Hello again not posted in ages been so busy so many things have happened in the last few weeks where to start, I passed my driving test which was good news and first time which I didn't expect, so nice to have freedom of driving now and no more public transport!!, Matt and I brought our first house together a few months back which is very exciting been doing alot of improvements on the house so been a very busy few months but its getting there, but we are not planning on moving in till its all done and finished I have moved into his parents house for the time being, alot more good news to follow but ill tell you more on my next blog post just trying to catch up on everything that had happend not blogged in ages!. 
But obviously with good news comes the bad matt got really ill recently which resulted in him being in hospital for a week so was very scary worrying time for all of us but he is out now on the mend which is good.
On another brighter note it was my moms birthday few months back so I treated her to an afternoon tea in totnes at the " vintage tea" it was lovely fine bone china and pressed linen table clothes very eligant and so filling we went for the high tea which consisted of finger sandwiches, scones (fresh from the oven),  jam , clotted cream and a selection of cakes and you could  pick your tea from a large selection I went for there own blend which was very nice, it looks so small from the outside but it's actually rather big it has a shop at the front selling all sorts of tea and tea accessories and you can buy there own tea blend in the shop!!, defiantly worth a visit!! If your in totnes at any point anyway here are a few pics: 

What I wore: 
White lace top: new look few years ago 
Dungarees: Ax Paris 
Heart necklace: shop in totnes 
Little flower broache: brought in totnes few years ago. 
Sunglasses: vintage 

Sorry about the late post hope you enjoy, 
Helenjayne xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Hello again!! Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, I have has such a busy week my boyfriend and I took his mom to whitstable for her birthday on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to go to our favourite restaurant "The sportsman" in whitstable it's a Michelin star restaurant and it's amazing, i live in Devon so it takes us a good 6hrs travelling to get there but its well worth it.
It's just a stone throw from the beach and the food is just superb we usually stay the night before in whitstable and then walk there the next day which is just lovely along the beach its about 6 miles from whitstable which took us a bout an hr and a half.
 It's one of those places that u can turn up in casual clothes so not pretentious at all,  they have a lot of walkers and cyclists that just pop in and dogs are allowed too on leads of course so its not your typical Michelin star restaurant,  the staff are so friendly and inviting and it's just so relaxing we decided to go for the tasting menu which i have done once before,  I did the winter menu last time and it was so good my boyfriend has been eight times so you can say he is a bit obsessed with the place and I can see why,  they do a normal menu as well and they change their menu often so its always a surprise which I love.
 The tasting menu can change in the amount of courses you get because my boyfriend has been a lot we get a few extras we had eighteen courses which took us about four hrs I know your probably thinking eighteen courses how did u eat so much?! he he but they brought them out slowly we had breaks in between each course i wouldn't recommend if you do go eating much before because i did feel stuffed after!!.
these are a few pictures of our walk and the amazing menu and food.

Fresh strawberry ice cream amazing!!.
Strawberry sandwich.

Menu of just a few of the courses we had.

Hope you enjoyed my post.
Love Helenjayne xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pictures of my week :-)

Hello again been such a busy week not had chance to blog,  been up to so much and the weather was gorgeous!!! hope you all had lovely bank holiday weekend just a few pictures of my week and what I got up too :-).










1 and 2: My outfit on Saturday as it was lovely and sunny i decided to ware my shorts and be all summery which i think is very daring seen as it could rain at any time lol. This is what i wore:
Cardigan: new look last year.
White flowery top: hollister
shorts: all saints
necklace: vintage free people.
bracelet and ring: vintage
3. yummy chocolate cake a must have on a relaxed weekend from sainsbury's.
4.Went out for my friends hen party on the weekend which was awesome we went for a meal at the beefeater then drinks after and we dressed as hula girls i put the grass skirt on later this is what i wore:
grey top: new look
white flowery skirt: hollister
flowers: charity shop.
5. yummy steak dinner at beefeater on the hen night i had macaroni cheese, chips and a mushroom with mine.
6 and 7: on Sunday me and matt went to see fast and the furious which was epic by the way i want spoil it for those who haven't watched it but it was so good really action packed and funny i have watched all of them so I'm a big fan.
8,9 and 10: after cinema we went bills restaurant in Exeter it was so good and so cheap we both had three courses and it only came up to forty eight pounds bargain and the food was gorgeous!!!, i love a good burger and this was defiantly the place to get one i don't usually go for the vegetarian option i usually like my meat but the halloumi, hummus, red pepper and sweet chili sauce burger was amazing so tasty and I'm a big lover of cheese so it was perfect, matt had bill's burger with monterey jack cheese which looked so nice and both came which yummy fries and it was just the wright size. for afters we had mini cinnamon doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce and strawberry's which was divine it is such a quirky place really nice vintage touches and it was such a relaxed place and the staff were brilliant if your ever in Exeter pop in and check it out i think their a chain of restaurants so see if there is one near you defiantly worth a visit.
On bank holiday Monday after a very busy fun weekend we went gym and finally relaxed after with a nice cup of tea such a lovely weekend I love weekends like this they are the best.
Hope you enjoyed my post.
Love helenjayne xx